Cristian Cortez Presentation Site ~$ ~$ cat readme.txt About ==================================== My name is Cristian Cortez I'm a Professional Web Developer & Programmer from Rosario, Argentina. I've have a particular passion for coding and automation wich I share with the world around me. Over the years I have mastered several programming languages and participated in various courses and conferences related to software design, web coding and new technologies. I love what I do, and that's my spirit! Wherever there's a regular expression that seems to be unattended... I'll be there. I know it sounds like a fanaticism, but it still is my way of living Actually, I'm listening The Ruby Show. What a Show! highly recommended!
May the source be with you

I had been working in areas such as testing, development, presentation layer development, creation of new software products and also researching and providing services as an independent consultant of new technologies. During my career I implemented business solutions for companies in the region such as CMS, CRM and LMS and also dictated OOP courses and basic training on IA. I developed an automation robot for GUI testing, a management system and designed sites for companies in Argentina. In the last four years worked in projects for global companies such us U.S. Cellular, Intel, Microsoft and MTV Networkos among others.

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Experience is the teacher of all things. - Julius Caesar
Intel 2010
Intel Compare Processors
Microsoft 2011
Microsoft Server & Cloud
U.S. Cellular 2010
U.S. Cellular
Intel Mobile 2011
Intel Mobile Site
AT&T 2010
AT&T Support
Outrigger 2010

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"Talk is cheap. Show me the code." - Linus Torvalds
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