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Unleash the Super Vimmer inside you

Unleash the Super Vimmer inside you This article is a compilation of tips dedicated to all the people who wants to start improving their performance using Vim. If you are going to start with Vim, just beware there’s no return. Benefits I found using Vim Vim helps me to move fast and found effective solutions to my daily tasks. Every time I try to improve my way of working, I find mysef learning new solutions with this tool, and that’s why Vim has been turned into my favorite IDE. If you want to achieve your goals quick with... Read More
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The Art of Loading Scripts

The Art of Loading Scripts Nowadays our web applications are gaining an unimaginable complexity, and we started thinking about Front End Architects, Presentation Layer Developers, Usability Gurus, CSS/JS ninjas and of course jQuery evangelist… One of the interesting topics I’ve found in my career as Web Developer is the way we are managing dependencies loading javascript on demand, in the smartest way. Recognize it, in this days we can’t just put all the javascript together in one file and minify it and... Read More
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